Attention: Be One Of The Elite First Few To Take Full Advantage of This Proven Strategy To Quickly and Easily Flood Your Site With More Links!

"Simple 2-Step Software Bombards Your Sites With A Barrage of Quality One-Way Links Using This Virtually Untapped Backlink Generation Strategy!"

Just Type Up A Few Ads and Hit 'Submit' To Reach The Eyeballs of Potentially 324,722+ Members of Forums That Accept Free Advertising! This Is The Perfect Backlink Generation Solution For Those Who Don't Have A Lot of Extra Time, But Want Results Fast!

From: Rod Beckwith

Dear Friend,

You're about to discover a simple 2-step solution to sending a barrage of high-quality one-way links pointing to your site overnight and whenever you want.

But, even more importantly, you get to take full advantage of this proven backlink generation technique before everybody else jumps onboard.

No more long and endless nights struggling to get more incoming links.

You can use this powerful solution to get loads of links when you don't have extra time to burn...

 Generating Loads of Quality One-Way Links Can't Get Any Faster or Easier Than This!

So, what does this technique involve?  Well, the first part may surprise you.  Because you probably already use it on a regular basis.

Yet, you only gain a tiny fraction of what it has to offer.  It's simply this... posting to forums and message boards.

You see, forums are the centers of where your customers go to learn, network, and share ideas.  Inside, customers exchange links in  "Signatures" after their names.

This means every time you make a post, as many as hundreds (even thousands) of eyeballs see it-- and blast your site with incoming traffic. 

And, what's more, the traffic is just the tip of the iceberg.  The main benefit of posting in forums are the...

High-Quality Links Search Engines Love!

Since forums are full of always updating content, search engines scour them like crazy. As a result, the spiders scurry their way over to your site too.

This means your pages are more likely to be indexed into the search engines (which is vital if you want to make money from sites as quickly as possible)!

Plus, you shouldn't forget these links last ages.  As long as you post valuable comments, then you get backlinks (to help boost your search rankings) pointing to your sites for years to come.

Of course, the problem with posting to forums is that...

Submitting To More Than A Few Forums Sucks Your Valuable Time Dry!

You see, one of the biggest time wasters many marketers and website owners get pulled into are forums.

This is because they're so content-packed that it's easy to spend all day there responding and reading other people's posts.

And this is often costly.  Because you could be using your time to drive twice as much traffic using one of the many more effective promotion techniques.

Simply put, when it comes down to it, forums are just not a serious method of promoting your websites.  Because there's just not enough time in the day to make posting worth your time.

This is why I developed a new solution to make forums a more practical advertising solution. In fact, with this new tool, forums are now...

A Surefire Way To Get A Barrage Of Quality One-Way Links Pointing To Your Sites Quickly and Easily!

The solution is called Forum Equalizer --  It's a new tool from Rod Beckwith.

You may be familiar with some of my other top-selling tools I developed like Press Equalizer, Instant Article Submitter, Adword Generator, and countless other tools that increase profits and save time for marketers, webmasters, or search engine experts like yourself!

Forum Equalizer is a PC software that automates the submission of your ads to an ever-growing database of over 131+ forums that accept free advertising! 

Together, these forums have a growing member base of  324,722+ people that have access to your ads!

Now, instead of getting only a few links from your time spent in forums, you get dozens of high-quality one-way links with a few clicks of your mouse!  It's all done for you on autopilot!

All It Takes Are 2 Easy Steps To Get Rolling In Links:

Pop your ads into the software:

Then, just hit "Start" to submit to your posts to selected forums that accept free advertising!

Thatís it!  No other link generation comes even close to being so quick and easy! Forum Equalizer then floods your website with hundreds of 1-way links.

Plus, You Also Don't Have To Register To The Forums Manually!

This is because you also get a semi-automated sign-up tool that fills in your registration information.  All you have to do to register is fill in the image codes or confirm your registration via email (which some of the forums require).

Simply put, this tool transforms a difficult job (of signing-up to countless forums) into a couple hour easy event!  You can even outsource this task and get someone else to do it for you.

Here's a look at the sign-up tool feature that is only used one time:

Here's what one user says about the power of Forum Equalizer:

Forum Equalizer is the ultimate link generation tool for when you don't have a ton of time to spare. 


Once you've registered for the forums using the semi-automatic sign-up tool, you just open up the software, find forums you want to submit to, type-up a short tip or comment people will enjoy reading and click "Submit."


In return, you get traffic and loads of high-quality links to help you rise to the top of the search engines!

This tool is perfect for blog owners, AdSense sites, or anybody who wants to get more FREE search engine traffic!


Hans Klein

Another huge benefit of using this link generation tactic over others is that...

You're Taking Advantage of A Virtually Untapped Promotion Technique!

Right now, forum marketing has been barely touched.  Because other marketers are only able to post to a few forums each day.

This dramatically limits the amount of incoming links they can generate.

On the other hand, Forum Equalizer allows you to take full advantage of the forum promotion technique to get hundreds of links pouring into your site nearly effortlessly.

Moreover, your business will begin to develop name recognition as having something valuable to offer all over the web.  You're going to be one the elite few to be able to take full advantage of the forum promotion technique.

With that said,...

Here Are All The Features and Benefits You Gain Control of With Your Copy of Forum Equalizer:

Submit your comments and questions to an ever growing list of 85+ forums to flood your site with quality backlinks whenever you want!  This means you dramatically increase your chances to get prized search positions.

  Get your website in front of a growing number of potentially 324,722+ registered forum users (there are likely many more not signed-up)!  And, keep in mind, forums are crowded with readers clicking from link to link -- so your ads are bound to get clicked on in droves!

  Have your ads placed in forums with high PR!  Over a dozen have PR of 4 and 5 and over half are higher than 2!  This means your ads are posted in high-quality forums Google loves to scour and send traffic through!

Brand your business name across hundreds of websites... where customers soon recognize you offer quality products or services!

Get your pages into the search engines at lighting fast speeds (in as little as a few short days).  Remember, search engines spiders love to scour forums because they are full of fresh content!

Use the scheduling feature to submit your comments and questions while you sleep.  Just set-it and forget-it and watch as your sites fill-up with backlinks!

  Get detailed reports of how your submissions went.  This way you get to focus on more important tasks than constantly paying attention to the software!

  Built-in browser allows you to watch as your comments get submitted to forums.  You know exactly how the software is working throughout the entire process!

Store multiple messages.  This allows you to vary your questions and comments (so you donít say the same things over and over again)!

 Have multiple projects for all of your websites.  Give different comments or questions for each of your niches. This is a huge time saver!

Automatically sign-up to message boards with a default username and password.  This allows you to get going quickly and easily without a lot of extra hassles!

  Build relationships to close more sales.  By contributing valuable offers to forums, others will begin to see you in a new, more positive light (and when this happens, they're more likely to buy from you)!

  Get updates for new forums every time you open Forum Equalizer (so your copy grows in value)!

Select forums you want to submit to.  You get full flexibility to achieve your marketing goals with Forum Equalizer!

Register for forums with maximum ease using your semi-automatic solution!  This tool takes a difficult job and transforms it into a couple hour easy task.  Just hit "Start" and the tool fills in everything, except the 4-6 letter image codes.

Plus, you also get many more usability features to make using Forum Equalizer a true "Set-it-and-forget-it" link generation solution!

The bottom line is...

Forum Equalizer Is The Difference Between Falling Far Short Of Your Earning Potential...

Or gaining the links you need to obtain higher search rankings and targeted traffic for more sales!

Just think.... how many sites you have right now (or will have in the near future) that are going to benefit from all these links! 

More of your pages are likely to be indexed, you get bursts of forum traffic, and you have more of the links you need to claim hotly desired search engine rankings (all equaling more sales or AdSense income).

Plus, you even become well-known inside these forums as someone offering valuable products and advice!

All of these benefits are yours with your copy of Forum Equalizer!

Plus, If You Grab Your Copy Today, You Also Get a $77.00 Bonus Software FREE!

It's called Guestbook Equalizer (will be sold for $77.00 soon). This software takes one of the biggest overlooked ways to generate incoming links, online guestbooks, and submits your comments to them for a surge of traffic and incoming links.

With your copy of Guestbook Equalizer, you get:

  • Hundreds of incoming links from online guestbooks around the web.  Without this software, it would be practically impossible to find time to get a fraction of those links. 

  • Hundreds of targeted visitors from guestbook readers checking-out your signature!  Plus, you've got to keep in mind that these visitors are very much interested in seeing who else is posting on their favorite website -- and they are likely click over to your site as a result!

  • Search engine spiders running to suck-up your page as they come across your posts. Just another way to get more of your pages into the search engine so you can start profiting from them!

  • Plus, much more!

Here's a quick inside look:

This brings us to the question...

What Are Countless High-Quality Incoming Links (Taking Only 10 Minutes Of Pain-Free Effort To Get) Worth To You?

Because, as you're probably aware, links are the lifeline to any successful website in the search engines.  Without them, your sites are dead.

This is why it's so important that you pick-up your copy of Forum Equalizer (and bonus Guestbook Equalizer) today.

In your hands, these 2 tools bring life to your website with only a few minutes of effort.  Just come-up with some valuable tips or questions and let the software go to work!

Getting profitable links can't get any quicker or easier than this.  You owe it to yourself to get this advantage in your battle to get top rankings.

Because just consider how much your time is worth.

Together, These Tools Allow You To Spend Your Time Developing New Sites That Bring In The Cash!

You don't have to spend all of your time getting new links to be competitive in the search engines anymore.  Forum Equalizer makes it easy. 

As soon as you finish your new sites, then you just put your copy to work.  Then, you can move on to your next project.

This means you can potentially double the amount of sites you currently have time to produce.  Because half the effort of building successful sites (getting good quality links) is taken care of for you!

All that's left is creating new sites to boost your income!

For this reason, I seriously considered charge a pretty penny for both of these software. But, after a lot of consideration, I decided to keep Forum Equalizer affordable at only $97 $77 for a very limited time.

 Compared To Your Other Options, Forum Equalizer Is A Drop In The Bucket.

Without these easy links Forum Equalizer provides, your sites are going to earn a fraction of the business they so easily could.

Of course, it's good to have as many link generation solutions as possible (the more links, the better).  But, sometimes you're short on time and just want a point and click solution you can run on autopilot without having to lift a finger.

With Forum Equalizer, you just just set-up the scheduling feature and you practically never have to think about getting links again!

So, don't wait any longer to start enjoying your copy moments from now!  There's no reason to wait because you also get my...

Personal, 100% Ironclad, 60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee!

I am so confident you're going to love your copy of Forum Equalizer that when you get your copy today, you're backed-up by a 100%, 60-day risk-free guarantee.

This means if for any reason you're not satisfied, you get all of your investment promptly handed back to you.

Now, there is no reason you should wait to get your copy.  If you don't see a significant boost to your bottom-line, then you keep all of your investment.

The risk is now on me to deliver, while you get to put it to the test for 60 days, risk-free.  Additionally,...

You Also Don't Have To Worry About Losing Your Investment With Forum Equalizer.

Because unlike other software products that go out-of-date quickly when a more advanced one comes out... or... charge you an outrageous fee for an update, you get FREE upgrades for both Forum Equalizer and Guestbook Equalizer! 

This means whenever new forums (or new guestbooks for Guestbook Equalizer) are added, you get the updated lists automatically as soon as you click open.  As a result, your new tools actually grow in value!

Additionally, the same is true for added usability features.  When new and helpful ones are needed, then you can rest assured they will be added.

This means you have no reason for waiting to get your copy of Forum Equalizer... Your investment is secure.  So, go-ahead and take your pay raise for a miniscule investment price right now.  With a 60-day, risk-free guarantee you've nothing to lose...

Get Your Copy of "Forum Equalizer" Now For Only $77!

You can download it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m.! 


Rod Beckwith

P.S. Forum Equalizer delivers a quick, easy, and painless way to generate high-quality links when you don't have a lot of extra time to burn. Just come up with a few valuable comments or questions and hit "Start". Grab your copy today. You've got nothing to lose because you're backed-up with a 60-day risk-free guarantee!

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